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Amy Snow is a leader in the moving and storage industry, providing claim resolution for over two decades. Amy Snow has extensive experience as a Claims Adjuster, Customer Service Manager, and Relocation Specialist, Amy has developed a deep understanding of the moving industry and the claim resolution process. It is her sense of justice and her wish to provide an independent, impartial claim resolution option that gave birth to Claim Cares LLC. Amy and her team are dedicated to providing a seamless resolution for all involved; whether it be for a moving company owner or someone who has recently moved and needs assistance with the claim process.

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Choosing The Right Mover
Local & Interstate Moving
The Estimate In Detail
Packing Planner
Understanding Move Valuation
What To Expect Once Your Items Are Picked Up
Tip & Gratuity Guideline
Claim Resolution
What happens If You Dispute The Move Cost
Understanding Movers Rights and Responsibilities Guide

Moving and transportation help. Understanding how moving your home works.

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